Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder…….Excuse Me?!?!

As some of you have noticed from previous posts on this website, I make concentrated efforts to not only look at fashion as a subject– rather than at face value– but to also combat the surrounding issues and stereotypes that come with it. While I do not like to get into my personal opinion on this website and much prefer to stick to unbiased views, I do feel the need to express my opinion on this issue. 

As many people know, there was an article published by Return of Kings last week, entitled “5 Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder” ( The article lists the following reasons:

  1.  “Her obsession over her body will improve her overall looks.”

  2. “She costs less money.”

  3. “She’s fragile and vulnerable.”

  4. “Probably has money of her own.”

  5. “She’s better in bed.”

Okay, so I obviously have a few issues with this article. One: an “obsession” with one’s appearance does not imply they are healthy, rather they may be clinically obsessed and ill. Two: rationalizing that because she will eat less and cost less money, makes her a better catch is just wrong. Three: making her seem vulnerable is a bit true (but, the truth is, everyone is vulnerable in some way or another), but the author should stress how being supportive and caring will help her recover and become a more confident person, rather than thinking with your self-interests first. Four: believing that only girls in higher socio-economic classes have “real” eating disorders is just inaccurate and offensive– people of all socio-economic classes and backgrounds suffer with eating disorders, not just women of higher socio-economic classes. And what is with the distinction of a “real” eating disorder? Is there a made-up one? And five: not only saying women with eating disorders are better at sex, but saying that women with eating disorders are “crazy” and that makes them better at sex, is so wrong I may actually throw my computer at the wall as I reread this article. 

As a person who has seen many girl fall victim to eating disorders– and not all of them recovering– and not always loving my own body, it disturbs and disgusts me that not only was this article written, but it was authorized to be published. Who at Return of Kings read this and thought it would be appropriate for the internet? I don’t care whether you have a predominantly male or female, wealthy or poor, young or old audience– this article just screams of disrespect and ignorance on the part of the author and the website. I don’t care if you all thought this was funny, clever, or true– it is just wrong and rude to publish this trash. Over 24 million people– of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and socio-economic classes– have some form of an eating disorder. 

Why did I choose to write about this particular article? Not only because of the wrongness of it, the rude opinions, or the disrespectful nature of it all, but because I am currently working on another fashion show for my university that will be raising money for the National Eating Disorders Association ( For this show, several of the models– men and women– are recovering from eating disorders or know of people with these disorders– so this article hit me a bit hard and spurred me to write this response.

I’m curious– what do you think of this article? Do you think people have the right to respond or do you think the author has a right to this opinion? Please feel free to comment– all opinions are welcome. Thank you.