My Top 10 Favorite Artists of Summer 2013

Summer is that time of year when we go on vacation, try new things, and learn more about ourselves (or at least that is what the movies tell me). But there are some artists I return to over, especially this summer. Whether I am blasting them at an outdoor party, on a road trip with friends, or while relaxing in my bedroom– or even as I am typing up this post– these are my favorite artists and a list of my favorite songs from them.

1. Magic Man

  • Favorite Songs: “Texas”, “Nova Scotia”, “Pacific Air– Lose My Mind (Magic Man Remix)”

2. Lana del Rey

  • Favorite Songs: “Video Games”, “Young and Beautiful”, “National Anthem”, “Dark Paradise”, “Blue Jeans”

3. Ellie Goulding

  • Favorite Songs: “Burn”, “Lights”, “Figure Eight”, “Anything Can Happen”

4. Zedd

  • Favorite Songs: “Clarity”, “Spectrum”

5. fun.

  • Favorite Songs: “Some Nights”, “Walking the Dog”, “All Alone”, “Out on the Town”, “The Gambler”, “All the Pretty Girls”

6. Swedish House Mafia

  • Favorite Songs: “Don’t You Worry Child”, “Greyhound”, “Save the World”

7. Marina and the Diamonds

  • Favorite Songs: “Hollywood”, “Power and Control”, “How to be a Heartbreaker”, “Primadonna”, “Numb”, “Hermit the Frog”, “Bubblegum Bitch”, “Teen Idle” 

8. Maroon 5

  • Favorite Songs: “Love Somebody”, “Payphone”, “Misery”, “Never Gonna Leave This Bed”

9. One Republic

  • Favorite Songs: “Secrets”, “Apologize” (not the one featuring Timberland), “Counting Stars”, “Stop and Stare”, “All the Right Moves”

10. The Pierces

  • Favorite Songs: “Sticks and Stones”, “Boring”, “It Will Not be Forgotten”, “Glorious”, “Secret”, “You’ll be Mine”

What bands are on your summer playlist? Which artists do you listen to during the summer? What do you think of the bands on my list? 








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