Big Move for Youtube?


Youtube allowing topless girls?

Well, apparently yes– for now. In the recent music video for the song “Thinking About You” by Calvin Harris and Ayah Marar, there is an actress whom is seen topless– fully exposed breasts and butt for almost a full minute– and there are other scenes of more taboo relationships (women with other women, stripping down to only underwear for another woman, an orgy, and teenagers literally fighting over a girl). And then there is the Justin Timberlake video “Tunnel Vision,” which features completely naked women. While both of these videos are not demeaning women nor objectifying them by exposing them– I find this to be more tasteful than some of the skimpy outfits they make women wear in other videos– this is a huge step forward for youtube and music videos.

While images and videos like this have been commonly accepted in Europe for years, in the US we are rather use to covering women up (maybe not in the classiest manner, but their nipples and crotch are relatively covered, right?). Rather than taking the videos down when they premiered, Youtube moved them to Vevo, their video partner, and now simply have a warning for parents before the video starts. Now, does this mean that more music videos will feature female nudity (or, oh my, male nudity?!?!), I can’t say. But does this make me happy to see? Yes, that we aren’t being such a prudish country that obviously enjoys sexual images (watch any television show, let’s be honest here), but likes to keep the reality of it hidden away. Let me be frank– we all need to grow up a little and be more honest about what really goes on between the sheets.

What do you think of this move for Youtube? Do you agree with it, or do you think these videos should be censored?

  • (“Thinking About You (Explicit)” by Calvin Harris ft. Ayah Marar)
  • (“Tunnel Vision (Explicit)” by Justin Timberlake)

Skinny Girls Have No Problems, Right? Wrong.

Skinny girls have no problems in life, right? Like, every guy flocks to them, every girl is jealous of her, and she can wear whatever she wants. The world and her life are as magical as a box of Lucky Charms being held by a unicorn, right?


Some of you may be already rolling your eyes over this post– a skinny girl complaining about how her life isn’t perfect and why being skinny, which is the supposed ideal of American society, doesn’t make life any easier for her. Yes, I can completely see why people would have that immediate reaction and I can understand the logic behind that too. After all, we are confronted on a daily basis about how being thin makes people, especially women, more successful, beautiful, and strong somehow. There are so many diet commercials, and they are all marketing to that notion that being thin will make life better. You will make more money, have a hotter partner, have amazing hookups or intimate relationships, and people will want to be you. But, is there any real logic behind any of this?

First of all, being thinner does not affect your chances of finding a Ryan Gosling-like mate. To be honest, my current boyfriend has been my first serious, as in more than one or two dates, boyfriend. I had a lot of male friends, and still do, but most of them would tell me that my small frame and lack of a chest and curves would harm my chances with the opposite sex. As one of my friends kindly worded to me, “Guys like something to grab onto.”

Another issue– clothing. People tell me all the time that shopping must be so easy for me since I am thin. It isn’t, by any standard. There are only a few stores that carry my size– I am limited to basically Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and overly priced boutiques– and even then, they have an extremely limited stock of my size. Due to the fact the average American woman is a size 10 to 14, the stores will most likely stop carrying sizes 0 to 4– it isn’t in as high of a demand, so less inventory of it. There are also issues that go beyond the clothes in terms of shopping with being thin. People scrutinize you and if you ask for a size smaller, and they do not carry it, then the sales representative may just kindly tell you to “eat more” in front of other customers.

And, finally, the stereotyping the reason for their thinness. People assume people whom are larger eat to much– that they caused it on themselves– and people thus assume that those whom are thin don’t eat enough or at all. People tell people whom are thin to eat more– never mind that maybe they do eat three meals a day and they are thin from their natural metabolism or a disease or because of a sport they play, not because they are skipping meals or vomiting them up.

Am I typing this post to tell everyone that women who are thinner have more problems than the rest of the world? No. I am typing this to tell the world that every woman faces judgement and insecurities for her body. Whether you are thin or curvy, have a D cup or an A cup, wear a size 2 or a size 20, we all face judgment from the opposite sex and our own gender (hello, horizontal sexism!). My whole point for writing this is to basically express my opinion, which is that we all face issues with our body shape, weight, and self-image. No one thinks they are perfect– or, if there is anyone out there whom does, please comment and let me know, because in the 19 years of my life I have never met someone whom has honestly felt that way– so why make it harder on each other by saying one group has it easier than another?

What do you think? Am I wrong and one body type has it easier than another? Or do you agree and think all people, especially women, face judgement for their body type?

My Top 10 Favorite Artists of Summer 2013

Summer is that time of year when we go on vacation, try new things, and learn more about ourselves (or at least that is what the movies tell me). But there are some artists I return to over, especially this summer. Whether I am blasting them at an outdoor party, on a road trip with friends, or while relaxing in my bedroom– or even as I am typing up this post– these are my favorite artists and a list of my favorite songs from them.

1. Magic Man

  • Favorite Songs: “Texas”, “Nova Scotia”, “Pacific Air– Lose My Mind (Magic Man Remix)”

2. Lana del Rey

  • Favorite Songs: “Video Games”, “Young and Beautiful”, “National Anthem”, “Dark Paradise”, “Blue Jeans”

3. Ellie Goulding

  • Favorite Songs: “Burn”, “Lights”, “Figure Eight”, “Anything Can Happen”

4. Zedd

  • Favorite Songs: “Clarity”, “Spectrum”

5. fun.

  • Favorite Songs: “Some Nights”, “Walking the Dog”, “All Alone”, “Out on the Town”, “The Gambler”, “All the Pretty Girls”

6. Swedish House Mafia

  • Favorite Songs: “Don’t You Worry Child”, “Greyhound”, “Save the World”

7. Marina and the Diamonds

  • Favorite Songs: “Hollywood”, “Power and Control”, “How to be a Heartbreaker”, “Primadonna”, “Numb”, “Hermit the Frog”, “Bubblegum Bitch”, “Teen Idle” 

8. Maroon 5

  • Favorite Songs: “Love Somebody”, “Payphone”, “Misery”, “Never Gonna Leave This Bed”

9. One Republic

  • Favorite Songs: “Secrets”, “Apologize” (not the one featuring Timberland), “Counting Stars”, “Stop and Stare”, “All the Right Moves”

10. The Pierces

  • Favorite Songs: “Sticks and Stones”, “Boring”, “It Will Not be Forgotten”, “Glorious”, “Secret”, “You’ll be Mine”

What bands are on your summer playlist? Which artists do you listen to during the summer? What do you think of the bands on my list? 







Photo of the Month: July

Photo of the Month: July

What is summer without a proper road trip with friends? This photo expresses that summer heat and desire to travel and wander. It honestly makes me want to go on a road trip.

Sadly, I am not sure who took this photo– I found it on Tumblr. What do you think of this month’s photo? Are you going on a road trip? Do you have a recommendation for August’s photo?

Song of the Month: July

As summer continues and heats up more, nothing else seems to translate that heat of a youthful summer quite like Ellie Goulding’s new single “Burn”. The video, the fun lyrics, the strong beat, and Ellie’s cool voice just make this song easy to listen and move to– I honestly want to blast this on a road trip with friends this summer, but whether that happens is still up in the air.

What do you think of the song of the month? What do you think of Ellie Goulding? What song do you think should be featured for August?

The song and video are product of Polydor Limited.