Summer Trend #1: Infinity Bracelets

To kick off the season of Summer Trends, I decided to talk about my favorite one in terms of accessories– the infinity bracelet.

What is the infinity bracelet? Well, it is simply a bracelet with an infinity symbol. They range in styles of leather bands, jeweled, beaded, single stranded, double stranded, bangle, cuffed, and so much more.



Infinity bracelets range in price from twenty dollars (like some on to over 200 dollars (like one from Tiffany & Co.). Keep in mind your budget when looking at infinity bracelets, the quality you want, and whether you want individualized details added to it.


So, how do you wear the infinity bracelet? Well, these are usually delicate pieces of jewelry, which makes them look best when worn with other simple or delicate bracelets. The infinity bracelet I have is a simple and delicate piece designed by Jewelry Craft Studio ( and was personalized to include my initials on one tag and my boyfriend’s initials on the other tag. I wear it with a Zoppini bracelet– aren’t I old-school, huh?– and a C Wonder bracelet, which my boyfriend gave me for my birthday.ย Image


But, if you are wearing an infinity bracelet that has additional bracelets attached to it– like the one below– then wear it by itself, otherwise it becomes too much. As well, try to keep your colors in alignment with those of the bracelet. Make it all come together, not oddly stick out.


What do you think of the infinity bracelet? Will you be wearing it this summer? Or do you already have one? And, if so, does it have a special meaning?


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