Fashion Star: Season 2

With long lasting fashion-reality shows like Project Runway and What Not to Wear struggling to keep viewers (WNTW will air its last season this summer), NBC seems to have hit a mark with its business-meets-fashion show Fashion Star, which returned for its second season on March 8. The show is where designers compete for their designs to be bought by one of three companies– Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Express– and then immediately sold within select stores and online within minutes of it airing on the show. Designers on the show are working in one of three teams, each one mentored by a different judge– either billion-dollar celebrity designer Jessica Simpson, menswear designer John Varvatos, or best-dressed winner and designer Nicole Richie–but their designs are bought individually.


The show is currently only in its second season and has already made an huge impact with viewers. Perhaps what makes this show so marketable and popular with viewers is that 1) it is on a major, basic cable network and is thus more accessible to all audiences and 2) that the viewer can purchase the clothes. This show is breaking down that invisible boundary that has existed between the designer and the consumer– the viewer can immediately purchase what has walked down the runway– and it creates a connection. But another great aspect to this show is that, unlike Project Runway, the show displays that while a designer may design, it comes down to the buyer whether that item actually is seen and bought by customers. Essentially, Fashion Star combines the creativity of the design world and the reality of the business market.

I like the season thus far and many of the designers’ works. There are some truly creative and innovative designers (some with incredible resumes, I may add) who are on this season and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. Below I have included the photos of some of the winning designs.



What do you think of Fashion Star? And do you have a favorite fashion-related show?


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