Keep Calm and...Rape Shirts?

I try not to rant on this website too much; I designed 1st on Trend to be a forum for fashion and pop culture, not rants. After all, I am just another college student in America– how are my rants any more effective than any other person’s in the world? Quite simply, they’re not. However, I just couldn’t let this topic go. It bothered me down to a point where I had to write about it.

Whether I have been noticing more of these events due to me taking a Women’s Studies course or just the fact these events are happening more recently, I have no idea. But, no matter how or why these events are happening, there seems to be an increase in sexist comments being produced in pop culture recently. Whether it is the fact that women have made some legislative advances (women now being permitted on the front lines in military combat and the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act) or whatever, there have been some equally wrong things to be happening in popular culture.

A few days ago the clothing company Solid Gold Bomb, which is known for t-shirts sold on Amazon, released some t-shirts with sexist slogans based on the over-done World War II phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On.” The slogans included “Keep Calm and Rape A Lot” and “Keep Calm and Hit Her.”

Really? I mean, come on, really? These slogans completely make no sense and beat out the whole “Cool Story Babe, Now Make Me a Sandwich” shirts– or even the infamously moronic “YOLO” shirts (I only like the Lonely Island song, personally)– in stupidity. These shirts not only make no sense but are demeaning towards both genders. It is demeaning towards women for the obvious reasons of it making rape and domestic abuse a joke, but it is demeaning towards men in that it completely ignores the fact that men are beaten and raped in relationships too. It also continues the inaccurate notion “don’t get raped” rather than “don’t rape.”

With shirts and slogans like this being released (although they were recently taken down by the company with an apology letter) it is no wonder that there are still sexist comments and beliefs still being put out. Such as, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs recently published an amended Student Handbook with edited gun-control policies…and a “ten tips on how not to get raped” section. These “tips” included peeing yourself, vomiting, and telling your rapist that you have a disease or are on your menstrual cycle. It only took CNN, the Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitian Magazine to publish articles on it for UCCS to take the list down and say it was originally from 2006.

Nevertheless, this is silly and amazing that there is this amount of sexism still occurring. Women have been attending public educational institutions and voting for at least a century and yet women still are not being treated equal. Yes, the Hill is debating over the important issues of whether I, as a woman, have the rights to equal pay and legislature over my own body as a man does, but what about the idiotic things my generation seems to encourage? No one seemed annoyed by the “I (heart) boobies” wrist bands or even the “Cool Story Babe, Now Make Me a Sandwich” shirts, but does it take an extreme like this to make us realize that the current generation has sexist comments and beliefs too? Do they all have to be this extreme for us to even react anymore?

What do you think of the shirts? And what do you think of other possibly sexist comments/slogans that are in pop culture?


Keep Calm and…Rape Shirts?

4 thoughts on “Keep Calm and…Rape Shirts?

    • Hi Caroline,

      Thank you for commenting and for visiting my blog. And thank you for the compliment and the enthusiasm for this topic. I agree that more people should know about these shirts/slogans and talk about them. When we don’t talk about these things, we then don’t recognize the problem, and this allows it to continue. Please feel free to comment and/or visit my blog again in the future!

  1. I’m still trying to get past my initial reaction of “what.. the absolute.. ****?” So first, thank you for bringing this to light in a more eloquent/post worthy way. I do believe that our society is conditioned to ignore sexism as much as possible. It’s discouraging to say the least.


    • Hello Ele,

      Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog. As well, thank you for the compliment as well (it was a bit of work to edit this article properly before posting) and I appreciate it. I am thrilled at your enthusiasm and with what you have to say. It is a shame these slogans and sexist comments are still occurring, but it stops only when people respond. Please feel free to comment and/or visit any time in the future– I love feedback!

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