The Best of New York Fashion Week

Well, New York Fashion Week has wrapped up and after sneak-watching every runway in classes (who schedules classes during Fashion Week anyway?) for the past week, I have compiled my list of my favorite runways of New York Fashion Week.

1.) Oscar de la Renta

Some say that this collection paid tribute to John Galliano, but no matter what, this collection truly impressed me. I had gotten a bit bored with Oscar de la Renta’s previous runways because he seemed to be following the same aesthetic for the past few seasons. Now, this collection followed the whimsical style aesthetic that he is known for, but had a sophisticated and modern flair. Looking forward to more of these gorgeous dresses and designs!

2.) Ralph Lauren

I have been in love with Ralph Lauren’s latest collections– am I the only one who obsessed over their Spring 2013 collection with the wide hats and black and gold dresses?– and this is no exception. This collection was very beautiful and followed their cool, edgy style.

3.) Marchesa

Marchesa is a brand that has become known for its ball gown-like dresses and romantic styling. This collection continued with that aesthetic and added a different type of romance to the look. I personally would wear any of these dresses in a heart beat (who cares that I have no where to wear them to?).

4.) Jason Wu

This was my favorite runway presentation due to the gorgeous runway and chandelier in the middle of it. The collection was cool and edgy, with modern punk influences, and I loved how it complimented the runway itself.

5.) Calvin Klein 

I liked the urban, edgy design to this collection and, while some of my friends did not like the lack of color, I loved the all black collection. I truly liked the style and would wear any piece from the collection– but I also wear nothing else but black, white, and red.

6.) Caroline Herrera 

I loved the dresses in this collection– they were beautiful, amazing, and absolutely stunning. I loved how they seemed made of gold and silver and like they were molded to the models’ bodies.

7.) Victoria Beckham 

I loved the dresses in this collection– especially the purple dresses– and would want to wear any of them. I love Beckham’s sleek and sophisticated style and think she has made several beautiful collections over the past few years.

8.) Donna Karan 

Donna Karan’s collection was very lovely and the jackets were stunning. Most likely, those jackets will be the “It” item of the Fall season and will be redesigned in many ways. The collection was simple, but had modern and gorgeous silhouettes that made it stand out at Fashion Week.

9.) Michael Kors

This was a different type of style for Michael Kors, but I liked it overall. I did not like the camouflage and the sunglasses (please stop showing all of your models with weird sunglasses, Mr. Kors!), but I loved all the looks after this one gray dress and all of the dresses at the very end.

10.) Tommy Hilfiger

I really liked this collection, particularly since it was based on the tailoring of Saville Row in London, but I did not like how similar every look was. There could have a little more diversity in the collection, but overall it was the tailoring that made me really like and remember this collection.

What do you think? And what were your favorite collections and/or trends for the Fall 2013 season?


Being Human (UK): Season 5 trailer

This has been my all-time favorite show since it bagan in 2009, and I will always love Being Human, which is why I am sad that this is the final season.

I will be posting my review of the season thus far, but until then here is the trailer for the show. It comes on Sundays at 9 PM on BBC Three.

Do you watch Being Human? What do you think of it being the final season?

Song of the Month: February

Okay, let’s get sappy!

With it being February, the month people either love or dread, I decided to pick a romantic song. Rather than using an artist like Taylor Swift or Christina Perri, whom both seem to make a lot of relationship songs, I chose “Need” by Hana Pestle. I found this song from a video someone made on the movie Bright Star, which is one of my all-time favorite movies, and this song was used in the background. It complimented the movie and theme so well that I fell in love with the song immediately.

What do you think of the song? And what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Fashion Photo of the Month: February

Fashion Photo of the Month: February

For the month of February, which seems to revolve around Valentine’s Day, I decided to have a photo that depicts love. So, I immediately remember the editorial “Kiss Me Kate” that was in the 2011 September issue of American Vogue. The editorial was about Kate Moss and her husband Jamie Hince. The photos in the editorial were some of the most romantic I have seen and they were beautifully shot.

What do you think of the photo? And what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?