Nick Knight Takes on “Flora”

Nick Knight, the famous fashion photographer and director, has now approached painting with his collection known simply as “Flora.” The various paintings are of flowers that seem to be melting in with their environments in dream-like sweeps. The colors bleed together and create an odd mixture of beauty and disturbance in the viewer. While the images are beautiful, there is something not quite right about them– yet, you cannot quite figure out what it is exactly.


Knight has released the images in a book, entitled Flora appropriately, of 15 images he has slowly been working on since 1993. He also released the paintings/prints in an exhibition at the Bruton Place (and yes, I realized that the exhibit is over, but I noticed that only recently his images have been gaining momentum in popular culture). Here is the excerpt from the website

11 OCTOBER 2012 – 21 DECEMBER 2012

Nick Knight: Flora

For his first limited edition portfolio, Nick Knight has chosen to release 15 images from his acclaimed publication ‘Flora’. The prints, representative of the arresting diversity in botany that Knight found so exciting when he first gained access to the herbarium in 1993, will be showcased for the first time in our Bruton Place headquarters in London’s Mayfair.

Knight became known over the decades for his edgy, yet beautiful photographs, which have been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and Elle to name a few. He is also known for being the main photographer of model Kate Moss and filmed a majority of the runway videos for Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows.



What do you think of Knight’s paintings? And what is your favorite type of art that Knight does?


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