What To Wear for Christmas

Well, Christmas is finally upon us and there is once again the pressure for everyone to be on their best behavior and execute everything perfectly. Whether you are celebrating with family, meeting your partner’s family or introducing them to your’s, or hosting a party, there is a universal pressure that surfaces around Christmas to make everyone happy. But, what do you wear for any of the various activities that occur on and around Christmas? Well, hopefully this guide will provide you with some inspiration.

Opening Presents/Early Christmas Morning

Okay, no one wants to be the person in the stained sweatpants and torn t-shirt in the dreadful Christmas morning photos and videos. With so many people there to take your photo or videotape you, it makes your life much easier if you just wear a flattering pair of pajamas in a simple, chic pattern (no sweats nor lingerie in sight!)



Christmas Church Service

Ah, Christmas church service. This can either occur on Christmas eve or Christmas day (it depends on the church) but either way you need to look put together and respectable for all people there– including those family members or neighbors that are extremely conservative. A good way to dress for church without looking dowdy is to have all of your clothes at the appropriate lengths and sizing, but have fun with patterns and throwing in some color. Just because you happen to be in a church does not mean you have to avoid the fun pattens and colors that already exist within your closet. So long as all hemlines and necklines are at a respectable length, you will be fine and look fabulous.


Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner will depend on the group in which you are eating with. More casual groups will allow you to wear your jeans or a pencil skirt and sweater rather than a dress. If your dinner will be casual, then feel free to wear a nice-fitting pair of jeans (darker colors of denim look the best on women), a casual sweater (feel free to recycle the “Ugly Christmas Sweater”), or a turtleneck. Just dress it up with your accessories– such as your heels, handbag, and jewelry.


If your family requires you to be more dressed up, but not formal, then stick to a blouse and dress pants or a pencil skirt. Feel free to use patterns and colors to add character to the outfit and make it visually interesting. For guys, wear a nice, but simple button-up shirt, a pair of jeans, a sweater, and either sneakers or a more casual pair of dress shoes.



Formal Dinner/Party

These are always tricky because you want to look put-together and chic, but not pretentious. For women, look towards bold patterns and colors– such as gold and black– and unique materials, like sequins. Wear a dress that will fit the occasion– such as very formal events need a long dress and more cocktail-like events should require a cocktail dress. Have fun with sequins and colors– be willing to experiment with fabrics and trends.


The only warning with sequins– or any embellished fabrics– is that you limit the amount of jewelry, accessories, and makeup you are wearing. Otherwise, you will look like you are being swallowed by the dress and it will bo longer look chic.


For men, wear a nice suit and tie (whether a bow tie or regular neck tie is up to you) in either navy blue or black. Have fun with your accessories– your watch, glasses, cuff links, scarf, etc.– and do not be afraid to be an individual, but also keep in mind what type of party you are attending.


What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for what to wear for Christmas? And has this guide helped at all?


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