Zac Posen Replaces Michael Kors on Project Runway

After being a judge on the hit fashion show Project Runway for ten years, Michael Kors has decided to retire from judging. Kors, who is one of the most beloved designers in America (he is my favorite American designer and I buy his products frequently), could not do the next season due to scheduling conflicts. He is not completely leaving the show– he will be there as a guest judge and will be at the finale– but he will not be a permanent judge like he has been for the past decade. Taking his place will be American designer, who also interned for Kors, Zac Posen.



I will really miss Michael Kors– he is my favorite American designer and he is my favorite judge– and I worry that the show will not the same without him. While I am sure that Posen will do a fantastic job– he has been a guest judge frequently before–I will still miss Kors as a regular judge. Furthermore, Project Runway will change for the contestants, who will all be forced to compete in groups.

Project Runway will return January 24, 2013.

What do you think of Kors leaving the show and Posen taking his place?


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