Fall Trend #9: Bullet Necklaces

Over the past few seasons, designers have been embracing traditionally negative items and trying to make them ironic by bringing them into fashion. There is the razor blade printed scarf from Alexander Mcqueen, the scissor hair bands from Bellamontra, and scull-studded heels from Jeffrey Campbell– and all of these items are marketed towards modern women, whom use these accessories with extremely feminine colors and patterns to create a juxtaposed style. Well, the latest in this trend is the bullet necklace.

The first bullet necklace I saw was several months ago in an editorial done by Harper’s Bazaar magazine in which the model was wearing a necklace completely comprised of gold bullets. It immediately caught my attention and I really wanted it to add to my wardrobe.

The necklace (shown below) was designed by Tom Binns and has a price tag of more than $600– so, needless to say with a college tuition bill and a need to eat, I could not drop the money for the necklace at the moment.


So, instead of simply waiting and saving my money for the next two years, my boyfriend bought me a bullet necklace. He found a beautiful necklace were it is only one bullet (the bullet is from a Russian gun because my family background is heavily Russian) dangling from the simple silver chain. It is a lovely necklace and it will go nicely with my lace shirts, tulle skirts, and floral prints.


While my necklace is more obvious as to what the design is, there are other types of bullet necklaces out there with different designs. There are ones similar to the Tom Binns’ one in which the entire necklace is composed of bullets and makes a collar-like shape.


There are some that are engraved with prayers, religious imagery, and positive quotes. There are others that are covered in crystals and patterns.



And there are others that have feminine details attached to them– such as flowers, ribbons, bows, tassels, and keys.


Bullet necklaces can be worn by many different types of women in many different styles. They can be worn with a leather jacket, black t-shirt, dark jeans and motorcycle boots; they can be worn with a lace dress and a neon-colored sweater; or they can be worn with a white blouse and black pencil skirt. These necklaces add spice to any outfit and can be worn out at night, with friends, or even to work.

Just be cautious with where and with whom you are seen wearing the necklace. Especially with the recent shootings in Conneticut, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, people are more cautious with guns and what they do with them– so, some people may find the necklace offensive or think you are gun-obsessed (“I am not, I just like the look of these necklaces”).

What do you think of this trend? Do you like the bullet necklaces or do you think they are just silly/morbid?


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