Where Were The National Costumes at The Miss Universe 2012 Competition?

Every year since I was about seven I have watched the Miss Universe Competition and my favorite part has always been the beginning, which is when each girl is introduced in her national costume. The last year they actually showed all of the costumes on television was in 2010, but in the 2011 competition they started using short, colorful dresses, all of which were from the same designer, instead.


And, rather than showing the “National Costumes Parade,” the network showed a montage of all the costumes in thirty brief seconds. But, what is the point of not showing these costumes? They are absolutely stunning (or ridiculous) and are visually interesting to watch. As well, the designers of these costumes are being given a huge honor to show the world their design and they thus work hard to perfect these looks. Instead, they now show one dress in four different colors. So, I have been disappointed for two years to not see the costumes in all of their glory.

Why would they no longer show these costumes? Is it because they want more sex appeal for the male audience and trying to recreate the costumes from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (which I discussed in a previous post)? Because if that is the point, then they are being ridiculous since some costumes (such as the one below of Miss Romania) are just as provocative as the lingerie in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


Instead of the parade being on television, they now do it before the competition airs and award the best costume, which was China this year (see the two photos below) and Mexico (third photo) came in second.




Overall, these costumes are stunning and have been worked on for a long time by dedicated designers. And instead, Mr. Trump decides he wants all of them in generic, short dresses in one of four colors. Really, Mr. Trump? Really?

Look at the various costumes from this year and you decide. Do you think they should include the National Costume Parade in the Miss Universe Competition again, or do prefer the dresses they now have?



2 thoughts on “Where Were The National Costumes at The Miss Universe 2012 Competition?

    • Thank you for commenting and revisiting my blog, Scribbler. I like many of these costumes– including the first two as well– and I wish they would go back to the National Costumes Parade.

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