While not everyone loves her, or will at least not admit to loving her (I am a part of this group), no one can deny that Ke$ha has made a huge impact on music and pop-culture since she came onto the scene in 2010 with “Tik Tok.” But I noticed when I was watching her video for her new single “Die Young” that a majority of the youtube comments were in regards to the Illuminati. How does this have anything to do with Ke$ha and the song exactly?

My first question was “what are the Illuminati?” I had heard many jokes about it through the end of high school and into college, but not many people seem to actually know who the Illuminati are and what they stand for. Apparently they are a group of people believed to control many events and disasters in order to control the American population. The Illuminati originated in 1776 and supposedly included many of the Founding Fathers and revolutionaries. Furthermore, it is believed that the Illuminati are trying to establish a “New World Order” with one set of laws. How this has continued into modern culture is that supposedly politicians, musicians, and artists are members of the Illuminati and are encouraging their audiences to follow into this imaginary group.

So, what is it in the Ke$ha video that makes her a member of the Illuminati? Well, let’s start from the beginning: the hearse. Ke$ha is carried out of a hearse as a god-like figure and breaks into a church, which has pentagrams on the walls. Some people also claim the upside-down cross, the wolves fighting and beginning some mating rituals, and the card with a demon on it are all more signs of illuminati affiliation.

Is Ke$ha a member of the Illuminati? Is she telling you or your children to join a cult? Is she encouraging you to break into US-Mexico border towns and throw parties with pentagrams? Is she going to make you a bad person? Did she really have sex with a ghost?

No. Just no. Ke$ha, while she can be out there and interesting, is not a member of a cult nor telling anyone to join one. She is an exaggerated individual who is in on the joke and plays along with all of it. She understands the imagery and the Illuminati-related symbolism that she has in the video. Ke$ha may be interesting to say the least, but she does not mean any harm to anyone.

Honestly, this is my favorite video from her. I like that even though she is wearing a tight, revealing outfit and has innuendo throughout the video, she is not emphasizing on sex or stereotypical female behaviors in music videos. Rather, she is letting the song stand for itself and letting the video build on that.

What do you think of Ke$ha’s “Die Young” music video? What do you think of the supposed Illuminati symbolism in it? And do you think people should feel threatened by all of this?


Is Ke$ha Telling You To Join Her Cult?

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