How to Wear an “Ugly Christmas” Sweater Fashionably

Well, with it being the holiday season, there comes the questionable fashion choices associated with this time of the year– most commonly known as the ugly Christmas sweater. You know what I am talking about– those sweaters with a cat in a Santa hat holding a present on them. Or the one covered in hand-embroidered poinsettia leaves that someone’s grandmother probably made. Yeah, those ones you received from your senile aunt and threw into the back of the closet.


Well, thanks to stores like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, the Ugly Christmas Sweater has been given new-life and popularity with mainstream consumers. Now, people wear them ironically and fashionably to contests and parties based on this phenomenon.


But how does one wear a sweater, which is universally considered ugly, in a fashionable way? Mostly women wear them with harder, edgier pieces like leather shorts and heels, leather pants, skinny jeans, mini skirts, and simple designs to accentuate the sweater.



Men, on the other hand, do not wear the Ugly Christmas Sweater as much as women, but when they do, they usually do it right. Men typically wear this trend with a button-up shirt underneath and a pair of jeans or corduroys. The best way to wear these sweaters is in a dressed-up, but slightly casual way– essentially, like a “hipster.”



This year, my college had an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest/party and I did participate. I wore a sweater-vest thing my mother had purchased in the 1990s (when the Ugly Christmas Sweater reached its peak in popularity and design). With bells, poinsettias, and crystals covering it, I could hardly do much better.

The way I wore it (as seen below) is as follows: I wore it with a black tank-top underneath so it would accentuate the design of the sweater, black skinny jeans (Loft), black combat boots (Mossimo), and a black skinny belt (J Crew) to synch the sweater in at the waist. Overall, with my bold jewelry and accessories, I loved the outfit and won the contest.



What do you think of the Ugly Christmas Sweater? Do you own one or wear it? And how do you wear it?


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