Why the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” is NOT a Fashion Show

Every year there is at least one of the Victoria Secret “fashion shows” and they are one of the most popular events on television– there are more people that watch this event each year than there were people watching the presidential elections– but I do not think this event is a fashion show.

A fashion show is a designer’s (sometimes plural) collection shown to the industry and the outside world to show their hard work and style aesthetics. What Victoria’s Secret does is a glorified langeria show– there is no fashion, rather it is just underwear, brassieres, and elaborate wing-inspired accessories. I do not like the show, not only as someone who is beginning their work in the fashion industry, but also as a modern female. I think the show is silly and has no point– all the items that are shown in the “fashion show” will not be seen on a normal basis besides the girl wearing them. Thus, the only point for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is to give people almost-naked women to watch on national television so it feels less guilty.


To me, the company needs to stop referring to it as a “fashion show” because that is not what it is. While langeria is important and had designs involved, it is not fashion.

What do you think? What do you think of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? And do you think it is a fashion show or not?


2 thoughts on “Why the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” is NOT a Fashion Show

    • Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog. I just am not a fan of the company terming something as a fashion show when it is not. Please feel free to comment/visit and other articles in the future.

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