What to Wear for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday defined by spending time with family, parades, (american) football, and eating more food than your stomach can possibly contain. Well, there are different types of outfits to wear for different events during the day– but with so many people visiting and seeing you, you will never look unfashionable.

Parade/Outdoor Activities:

Whether you are going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York or the one in your small town, parades on Thanksgiving are activities to be seen and to impress your family, friends, and neighbors. This is the time to wear layers and a nice pair of boots– comfort, but with style. I suggest a nice warm sweater that is belted, a pair of dark skinny jeans, a stylish cross-body bag, and either interesting shoes (preferably in a pattern) or a bright scarf. Remember a stylish coat and gloves as well.



Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether you are eating out, at another person’s house, or your own house, what you wear can make or break the impression people have of you and everything about you. No lie, a friend of mine turned a horribly burnt turkey into something no one audibly complained about just because she looked stunning, which made everything around her seem just as lovely.


For a more casual Thanksgiving dinner, I suggest a simple dress, unique accessoires that spice up the outfit, and trendy (but comfortable) shoes. You want to impress people and look nice, but you don’t want to look “posh” in a casual and intimate environment.


If you need to go out to a fancy restaurant, a family member’s house, or to your in-laws’ house, then you should consider dressing more formal. Wear a nice dress that hits the knee or lower in length and has a modest neckline. As well, consider wearing a nice coat and/or blazer. Be bold in your jewelry– just not too bold– and make your accessories (i.e. your purse and shoes) ladylike yet modern.



What do you think? How are you celebrating Thanksgiving– and will it be formal or informal? What do you think of the suggestions given, or do you have any more to offer?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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