Television Review: Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23 season 2

Out of all the comedies that are on ABC, Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23 is by far my favorite. I love the intelligent humor of the writers and the excellent characters. The show is part modern comedy, part quirky, and part satire. 

Apartment 23 focuses on the relationships and adventures of failed Wall Streeter and naive country girl June (Dreama Walker), her roommate, evil and manipulative (best described as “if Holly Golightly and Satan had a baby”) Chloe (Kristen Ritter), and an extreme James Van Der Beek (as himself). This show is incredibly intelligent and has some of the best satirical and raunchy humor to be on ABC in years. The show also understands that it is a comedy, and thus does not take itself too seriously.

I love Chloe and James more than any other characters on the show. Chloe because (sadly) I have been compared to her a lot and I can see some similarities between me and this character. She is entertaining, manipulative, and I find her to be hilarious. And I love James because he does some of the most ridiculous things on the show and believes he is the best actor to be out there– even though his character is struggling for work.

Essentially, this show is a very good one and does not insult the audience with idiotic jokes or excessive amounts of  slap-stick humor. Instead, it knows its audience and what types of jokes will appeal to them. This show is not for everyone, but it is really good and I am excited to see more of the season.



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