Television Review: Young Dracula series 4

I have been watching Young Dracula since its premiere in 2006, despite the fact that it is a children’s show on the CBBC. The show is about young Vladimir Dracula (played by Gerran Howell) and his disgruntled family– his father Count Dracula (Keith-Lee Castle), his sister Ingrid (Clare Thoomas), and the family servant Renfield (Simon Ludders). The show explores the legend of vampires and Vlad’s belief that he can prevent himself from becoming one. Furthermore, Vlad is also trying to defy his father by being friends with humans (or “breathers”) and not follow his destiny as the “Chosen One” (grand leader of the vampires into world domination). The show lasted for two seasons, and disappeared in 2008, much to the disappointment of the fans (including myself).

Then, in 2011, the show returned with the original cast resuming their previous roles. The show decided to continue where it had left off, with Vlad now in his late teens and made the transition into a vampire. Now, the show focuses more on Vlad’s struggles in maintaining human relationships– including a romantic one with vampire slayer Erin (Sydney Ray White)– and not becoming the legendary chosen one. Rather, Vlad wants humans and vampires to exist in harmony.

The fourth season began earlier this week and I absolutely loved the episode. The season went off to a great start and reminded me of the fantastic things that made me love the show initially. This season looks like it will be very good, continuing to have the whimsical aspects for children, and the humor and themes for teenagers and adults. I look forward to the remainder of the season and what will happen to Vlad.

What do you think? Do you like Young Dracula? Have you been watching the show since the beginning, or are you new to the show?



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