The second season of American Horror Story starts tonight on FX at 10 p.m. The show is about to take a very dramatic turn from its previous season– mostly because it is a completely different story all together.

This season, the story will take place in an insane asylum on the East Coast in the 1960s. The “horror” of this season will be more based in reality than the previous season, and will mostly focus on the issues of religion and health care, the mentally ill, and the cruelty of the past “treatments.”

The previous season was about a family moving into a haunted house in Los Angeles. It dealt with infidelity, sexual attraction and betrayal, insanity, suicide, and a demon baby. And (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER!!!) resulted in, literally, almost every character (but 2) dying.

I am extremely excited and cannot wait for tonight! Are you a fan of American Horror Story? Did you watch last season or are you new to the show? Will you be watching tonight?


American Horror Story: Asylum

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