Why No One Should Not Try A Second-Hand Store

Would you believe me if I said I found a genuine Louis Vuitton purse for only $20 in a small college town in New England?

My best friend and I decided to go into town last weekend and check-out the newest store. The store had a distinct difference in it than the others– it was more eclectic and urban (kinda like going into a miniature Urban Outfitters) rather than that country- Americana style everyone goes for around here. The store was a gently-used, second-hand store that had clothes and accessories from Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Dooney & Burke and so much more.

Then, there on the top shelf in the back of the store were two Louis Vuitton bags. I immediately grabbed one and my friend grabbed the other. I unzipped the bag, expecting to see it was worth several hundred, and was floored to see a $20 tag attached.

I quickly called my mother– who owns several Louis Vuitton purses–to confirm whether or not these bags were genuine.

Did it have the registered Louis Vuitton tag? Yes. Did it say “made in France”? Yes. Did it have the brick red or tan suede lining the inside? Yes (it is brick red). Did it have the LV logo on it? Yes. Was made out of leather? Yes. What color? Dark brown with the lettering in gold.

It was genuine. I almost screamed in the middle of the store. I had been into several Louis Vuitton stores, but it was typically when my father was buying something for my mother– I had been told that I would get my first Louis Vuitton when I graduated from college.

Well, while this is not a bucket-bag or Speedy 35, this is a beautiful bag and I would have been a complete moron not to purchase it. So, in the end, Sarah (my best friend) and I each bought a Louis Vuitton bag for $20 or less.

What do you think of second-hand stores? Have you ever found something amazing in them?



7 thoughts on “Why No One Should Not Try A Second-Hand Store

  1. Nice find!
    I’m totally impressed with the price.
    A couple of months ago I went into an op/thrift shop and found a brand new Louis Vuitton wallet/purse. It was in the box, had all the authenticating marks and rather than the $800 retail price it was $100! I snapped it up and use it every day. It was probably more than I would spend in an op shop on 5 visits but it is so worth it!
    Congratulations on your great find!

    • Thank you Laura. I think it is totally worth it to find a staple designer accessory for cheaper– you have the expensive product, and no one know that is was for way cheaper. Thanks for commenting and for visiting my blog– always love to hear from you. πŸ™‚

    • There are some really good second-hand stores– you just need to look out for them. Honestly, before college I never went into a second-hand store– I always bought things directly from the designers’ stores. Now, when I am on a limited budget (ah, the joys of a tuition bill), I am more interested in looking through antique and second-hand stores to find those awesome designer items.

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