Runway Review: Alexander McQueen Spring 2013

The House of Alexander McQueen showed their Spring 2013 collection at Paris Fashion Week. The collection was defined by the hard details that the House is known for and the soft, floral designs that juxtaposed the overall aesthetic. I really liked this collection– below are photos of my favorite looks– and feel that Sarah Burton is doing well as a designer. The company still upholds McQueen’s original aesthetics and inspirations, but not copying him nor trying too hard to be him.

What do you think of the collection? What do you think of the House of Alexander McQueen? And what do you think of Sarah Burton’s work thus far?


3 thoughts on “Runway Review: Alexander McQueen Spring 2013

    • Thank you for commenting and visiting again Scribbler. I also love the cage effect that is created by the masks and harnesses in the dresses. The bright colors– especially the red dress– are incredible and visually stunning. If only other designers could make collections as stunning as McQueen does each season.

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