Runway Review: Victoria Beckham Eyewear

Victoria Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice in the Spice Girls, has gradually built a fashion house and brand on her sleek, sophisticated dresses and structured, enviable purses, but now she is expanding to eyewear. Beckham premiered the glasses in a series of photos she did as guest editor of Glamour Magazine’s September issue (see photo 1). The glasses are based on classic mens eyewear, especially from the 1960’s, and are currently associated with artistic people (namely the “Hipster” group) and younger individuals. Personally, I hate wearing glasses (I practically cringe whenever I have to pull them out to wear), but I do like the simplicity of the style and the minimal feminine details (see photo 2 for the other style). I may actually look into the pair that Victoria wears in the editorial (see photo 1) and perhaps (as much of a stretch this may be) I may grow to like wearing my glasses when I have to.

What do you think of Victoria Beckham’s eyewear? And are there any other specific collections you would like Trend to discuss?



4 thoughts on “Runway Review: Victoria Beckham Eyewear

    • Thank you for commenting and for visiting my blog. I love the Beckhams as well– they are just so chic! I always hope that whenever my boyfriend and I go out that we can emulate the Beckhams (although he rolls his eyes whenever I tell him that). I will definitely check out your pinterest on both the Beckhams and McQueen. Thanks! 🙂

  1. Thank you for commenting and for visiting my blog. I agree that the dress is absolutely stunning. I LOVE everything that Victoria Beckham designs– now only if I could afford some of it (ah, college).

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