Copper: Television Review

Last night BBC America premiered its first television show (all the other shows are from England’s various BBC channels) called Copper, which is a period drama that seems to be a combination of Law and Order and Gangs of New York. The premise of the show is that Irish immigrant turned police detective, Kevin Corcoran is trying to defend his town of Five Points (ironically, it is the Financial District in New York City now) and find out what happened to his wife. Apparently, when Corcoran returned from the Civil War, his wife, Ellen, was missing and his daughter was dead, and he has been searching for her ever since. Corcoran, unlike many of his peers, has a fantastic support group that aid him in solving various crimes in the city– Moorehouse, who was Corcoran’s commanding officer in the War and had to have his leg cut off by Corcoran, is a member of the elite; Eva Heissen, who runs a brothel and occasionally provides Corcoran…company; Mathew, who fought in the Civil War with Corcoran, and functions as a coroner for Corcoran (but no one can know, since it is illegal for African-Americans to be doctors); and Francis Maguire, who is also a detective and Corcoran’s closest friend.

Copper, like I mentioned earlier, is the first television show to come out of BBC America, which is why the show combines the British and American cultures brilliantly. The channel did not tentatively create dramas– no, they dove in completely. Copper has cops that believe in “shoot first, ask questions later”, prostitution and sex trades, childhood prostitution, murders, and the corruption of politics and the elite. But despite all of these elements, Copper doesn’t let you forget that despite these major flaws, Corcoran is what is keeping Five Points from eating itself alive. While it is too early to determine whether this show will be as addictive as The Hour, Dr. Who, and Being Human, Copper is a good show and I appreciate their lack of fear in creating this show. So, to put this all quite simply, I will be watching Copper as the season unfolds.

What do you think of Copper? Are you going to keep watching? And do you think BBC America should create more shows?



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