Fall Trend #7: Oxblood

There will be Oxblood! Yes, while that phrase is odd and vaguely disturbing, the color Oxblood is the must-have color for the Fall/Winter season. Oxblood was seen on the runways of Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Givenchy, and J Brand. This dark shade of red can be found mostly in suede and leather, and can be worn in jackets, gloves, belts, purses, and shoes. Every shoe designer from Dr Martins to Christian Louboutin has used Oxblood– so this color can be worn by tomboys, girly girls, and both sexes. I like this color because it is not the traditional Winter red, but it is not radically new nor too trendy to wear for only this year. Oxblood is a great color and one of the few trends that can appeal to almost everyone.

What do you think of the Oxblood trend? And is there a particular item you like in this color more than any other?



11 thoughts on “Fall Trend #7: Oxblood

    • Thank you. It is definitely an interesting color, and oddly known (probably because of the name). Thank you for commenting and for visiting my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I was reading a post on houzz.com a little while back… Someone was whining about burgundy making a come back and how it was an outdated color… Fashion and interiors tend to parallel each other.. So I’m glad to see this shade, because it’s so rich and deep and still a little bad a$$. I don’t think colors really go out of style-more so the application- it’s ultimately about what makes the wearer/resident happy. Color is awesome!

    • Thank you for commenting and revisiting my blog (I always love hearing from you Bethany). I agree that color is awesome and most rarely ever go out of style (although I never believed in the neon color trend). I am very excited that Oxblood has come back and look forward to wearing this color for the season. Thank you for believing in color and not letting others define your style. If you like it, then wear it.

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