Runway Review: Lanvin Fall/Winter 2012/2013

With a Season being built on details, prints, accessories, and graphics, a collection of clean, simple clothes was the most unique. Lanvin, one of the oldest and most famous fashion houses in France, left a dramatic impact during Paris Fashion Week by showing a collection that was composed of sleek silhouettes, boldly rich colors, and not a print or embellishment in sight. These outfits are incredibly easy to dress up with jewelry, purses/clutches, shoes, and other accessories, or they can be worn as they are and leave an impact with their modern simplicity. I really liked Lanvin’s collection, especially the outfits in photo 1 for the jewel-like colors and I especially love the peplum dress. I think that Lanvin did not create anything radically new, but they created something that has classic sophistication with a modern edge from the overall simplicity of the collection. So, well-done Lanvin, well-done.

What do you think of Lanvin’s new collection? Do you like the simplicity of the collection or do you prefer more detailed collections? And, are there any specific collections you would like Trend to discuss in a later post?



4 thoughts on “Runway Review: Lanvin Fall/Winter 2012/2013

    • I agree. It is nice to see some color being used in the Fall season instead of the usual blacks and grays. While I typically stick to black, gray, and navy blue, I do appreciate seeing something different come down the runways. I am glad that you like it as well.
      Thanks for commenting and fir visiting my blog. I always appreciate people’s comments. 🙂

      • You always keep it classy. Speaking of not so classy fashion, check out my blog about these 90’s styles coming back. Let me know what you think. Its more humor than fashion talk, but am I the only one that thinks its getting a little out of control? It just seems like a big gimmick.

      • I will definitely check that out. The 90’s were…interesting, to say the least. I will leave you a comment– I am sure it is interesting. 🙂

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