Project Runway Review: Season 10, Episode 5

Well, we are halfway through the season, and we have all witnessed meltdowns, brilliant designs, and some truly bad outfits. For this week’s challenge, the designers were put into two teams and told to create a collection for the new Marie Claire magazine, Marie Claire: Work. The first team (called Team Six) was comprised of Elena, Melissa, Dmitry, Sonjia, Alicia, and Raul. Team Six made a Fall collection in dark colors (black and navy blue) and edgy aesthetics that would appeal to younger women in the workplace– I really liked their collection, and I would wear Melissa’s electric blue dress and Dmitry’s blue and navy color-blocked dress. But there were bad looks in the collection– such as Elena’s boxy and exaggerated jacket and Raul’s ruffled top (the only thing that saved that look was the navy blue pencil skirt Sonjia made to go with it). The second team (called Team Five) was comprised of Gunnar, Ven, Christopher, Fabio, and Nathan. They went for a more Summer collection with a color scheme of white, pink, purple, and black details. Unlike Team Six, Team Five was able to cooperate with each other and also created a collection that could go beyond young women. I really liked Christopher’s shredded, printed skirt and blazer, as well as Fabio’s black-and-white dress– but I did not like Gunnar’s outfit (the top looked like a collapsed pastry), I hated Nathan’s pants (why was there that flap in the front of the pants?), and I was not overly impressed with Ven’s look (it was good, just not memorable). But the strangest thing about this episode was that both teams ended up with the exact same score, which I believe is a Runway first.

The bottom three designers were Gunnar, Elena, and Raul. Gunnar had that horrible top; Elena had a jacket with hugely exaggerated shoulders; and Raul had that ugly top. In the end, Raul (see photo 1) left the show for a second time (his outfit is in photo 2). The top three designers were Melissa, Christopher, and Alicia. Melissa designed a gorgeous electric blue dress; Christopher made a lovely pencil skirt with a shredded pattern along with a shirt and blazer; and Alicia made two gorgeous trousers. In the end, Melissa (see photo 3) won and I wish I could get that dress (see photo 4).

What do you think of this episode? Do you have a favorite and/or least favorite outfit from this competition? And do you have a favorite and/or least favorite designer for this season?



6 thoughts on “Project Runway Review: Season 10, Episode 5

  1. My favorites jump around, I think I can appreciate each of them for having the passion and dedication to get on the show in the first place. I love Ven, but I would love for him to really shock everyone with something that is a little more wild. I was anxious to see more from Kooan before he dropped off. He’s so silly. I love a good surprise. And it seems like a lot of surprises so far. Gunner and Elena need to shape up or ship out! I think her comment about hating all the garments should have disqualified her alone. Who was the designer that said no one wears navy anymore, in regards to Dmitry’s dress (which was awesome)?

    • I am not 100% positive on who said “No one wears navy anymore” but I think it was either Elena, Gunnar, or Raul (only because they are the most argumentative on the show). I loved Dmitry’s dress and I tend to wear a lot of navy (some say it is this season’s black, after all). I agree that Elena and Gunnar need to stop whining over every little thing and need to stop being so pretentious. You would think being in the bottom would wake them up, but they just complain more! There were so many people that competed just to get on the show– so they need to stop complaining about the whole thing and be happy that they are there at all.
      Thanks for commenting and for visiting my blog. I always enjoy your comments. 🙂

  2. I totally agree that Team 6 really embraced the challenge for the working woman. I would wear Dmitry’s dress to my office at Dish in a heartbeat! I am so surprised they pulled it together after all the workroom catfights that erupted between them! I hate to admit it, but I love all the silly drama of this season. Trashy reality TV is a guilty pleasure of mine. It used to start some drama of my own, since my boyfriend can’t stand those types of shows; that’s a thing of the past though now that we’ve upgraded to the Hopper DVR, which lets us see our own shows with the three independent tuners (capable of watching or recording up to six things). I’d totally rather watch Project Runway than preseason football. Wouldn’t you guys agree?!

    • Thank you for commenting and for visiting my blog Lindsay.I agree that 1) I would rather watch Project Runway than preseason football (although I am a Saints fan); and 2) I think Dmitry’s dress would be perfect for an office. It is sleek, modern, and sophisticated without being pretentious or losing a slight sense of humor that is needed in modern fashion.
      Thanks again and feel free to visit anytime that you want and comment! 🙂

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