Modish Men: James Bond from Skyfall (Trailer)

In a previous post, Trend discussed the fashion and style of Q (played by Ben Whishaw), who is my favorite Bond character. For this post we will be discussing the ever-so suave spy, 007 or “Bond. James Bond.” James Bond has always been identified with exotic adventures, a beautiful (and different) woman, and gorgeous suits, and the Bond of Skyfall maintains that association. Bond (played by Daniel Craig) wears a lot of lovely, clearly expensive suits– he wears a suit to fight and a tuxedo to dinner– in mostly neutral colors but killer silhouettes. Bond typically wears Giorgio Armani, Prada, Dolce & Gabanna, Tom Ford, and Brooks Brothers suits– it is difficult to tell them apart, but there are slight differences in the fabrics and stylistic cuts of their suits that can barely separate one designer’s from another. The average male consumer can hardly purchase these suits, so simply either buy a good suit at a store like Men’s Warehouse or Joseph A. Banks or go to one of the designer’s outlet stores (it is hard for most menswear to go out of style like womenswear does) and have the suit tailored by your local seamstress or dry-cleaner. That is, honestly, the easiest way to get a nice suit that fits without dropping thousands and thousands of dollars.

I have never been a huge fan of James Bond, but I do feel that Daniel Craig is the best Bond (although my brother claims that Sean Connery is the best). But, despite my lack of emotionalism towards Bond in general, I am excited for Skyfall. What made me excited? Honestly, it was just one scene in the trailer that sold me on this– the scene where Bond jumps into the train and calmly fixes his cuff-links before walking to take out the villians. It is something as simple as that that made me want to go see Skyfall (plus having Q in there doesn’t hurt). Basically, so long as Skyfall is as amazing as its trailer, I may just become a Bond fan.

What do you think of Skyfall? And what do you think of this Bond’s style?



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