Introducing Toronto Fashion Week

There are the famous fashion weeks of the world– New York City, London, Paris, and Milan– but now, there is Toronto Fashion Week. Over the past decade or so, there have been many cities– from Nicé, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles to Baltimore, Tokyo, and Washington D.C.– to have their own fashion weeks, but they mainly consist of local designers and get little to no attention from the press and media. What separates these cities’ fashion weeks from others? Quite simply, the fashion weeks of New York and London and others have a major sponsor. For Toronto fashion week, IMG Fashion has decided to have Mastercard sponsor the event. Due to this new sponsorship, Robin Kay, who started Toronto Fashion Week 13 years ago, has decided to step down from her position, but she has no hard feelings about the change. In fact, Kay said in a recent interview to Fashion Magazine:

“Creating Fashion Week in Toronto was a career dream for me… In business timing is everything, and I am confident that the time is right for IMG to take World Mastercard Fashion Week to the next level. I have no plans to disappear and I will remain committed to helping and nurturing Canadian designers shine on the catwalk.” 

How Toronto Fashion Week will shape out, we will have to see in September. So, what do you think of Toronto Fashion Week being sponsored by Mastercard? And will you be attending Toronto Fashion Week?



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