Project Runway Review: Season 10, Episode 4

Well, we are already a month into season 10, and it is certainly shaping up to be a unique season. The episode began with Andrea’s departure the night before, and both Tim Gunn and Michael Kors speaking to the remaining designers (best line ever: “Fashion isn’t for sissies.” So true, Mr. Kors, so true). But then, once everyone had returned to the workroom, Kooan (see photo 6) announced that he was leaving the show. Despite the protests of the other designers, Kooan decided to leave and quietly exited the show. Personally, I think that more people should remember what Kors said– whether you are a designer, writer, purchaser, or whatever, if you cannot handle the pressure and competition that is the fashion industry, then leave and figure out something else to do.

The challenge for this episode was based on Michael Kors’ primary clients– busy women on the go. As one of Kors’ customers– I own many dresses, shoes, and purses (mostly the Hamilton Bag) with the iconic MK monogram on them– I was incredibly excited to see each of the designers’ interpretation of “the woman on the go”. The bottom three designers were Buffi, Fabio, and Raul, who was brought back due to Kooan’s departure. Out of the three designers in the bottom, I knew that Fabio would be safe because the main issue with his design was that the hemline on the dress and blazer was too short. In regards to Raul, I thought that he would want to create something gorgeous to ensure the judges would remember why he was put on the show initially– but, instead, he sent out an outfit that horrible proportions and obnoxious print. But, in the end, it was Buffi (see photo 3) who was eliminated. Buffi had a bad, overworked design, and used the pink blanket-like cover to hide the bad construction on the dress underneath (see photo 4). While I liked Buffi as a person on the show, I have to admit that I am thankful that Buffi left (I did not like her designs).

The top three designers were Christopher, Dmitry, and Sonjia– it was very surprising since all three looks were completely made in a shade of black. Christopher had a soft, draped dress with an open back and gorgeous leather jacket (how he made all of that with only $125 is beyond me)– this look was my favorite and I wanted it to win (see photo 5). Dmitry had a classic gray dress with front detailing, but I was not overly impressed with it. Sonjia created a soft gray jersey dress that had gorgeous side draping and simple styling that made it modern and easy to go from day to night with. It was Sonjia (see photo 1) who won (her dress is photo 4) and was asked by guest judge, Hayden Panettiere, to wear to a red carpet event. Despite Sonjia’s beautiful dress and designs, Christopher had a better look in my opinion and he is my favorite designer this season.

What do you think so far of season 10? Do you have a favorite or least favorite design from this competition? What do you think of Kooan leaving after Andrea? And do you have a favorite/least favorite designer in this season so far?



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