Are Models Returning to Magazine Covers?

It seems strange to recall a time when not an actress, musician, or reality star, but a model was on the cover of a fashion magazine. But for the upcoming September issue– arguably the most important issue of the year– Vogue UK has put model Karlie Kloss as their cover-girl. Kloss has been building a name for herself over the past few years through her editorials as spokeswoman for Oscar de la Renta’s Spring/Summer collection and as one of the most vocal models in regards to supporting American Vogue’s initiative to remake the modelling world. Kloss, who has been very vocal about how some designers say she is too large for their clothes, has proudly been accepted by Anna Wintour, who is the editor (and my idol) of American Vogue, and has been featured in many editorials in the magazine. Kloss is one of the few models, besides such greats as Tyra Banks, Giselle, and Kate Moss, to be on a fashion magazine’s cover. It wasn’t always like that though– after all, it wasn’t until Wintour took over Vogue in the late 1980’s (1988 specifically) that celebrities, rather than models, graced the covers of fashion magazines. So, could this mean that models will resume their place on the covers, especially since two Vogue September issues have had models as the cover-girls (Kate Moss was on the American cover last year)?

What do you think of the cover? And do you think that models should return to the covers, or do you prefer celebrities on the covers?



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