Runway Review: Mulberry Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Advertisement Campaign

Mulberry is a British fashion house that has gained serious momentum in the past few years for both their beautiful bags (the most recent one is the del Rey bag, which is featured in photo 2 and named after singer-songwriter Lana del Rey) and interestingly quirky advertisements. Whether the models are leaning against giant melting ice cream cones or playing hide-and-seek seek with characters from Where The Wild Things Are, it is easy to spot and remember a Mulberry advertisement. I honestly really like this ad campaign because of its whimsy and sweet styling, rather than the company trying to force sex appeal from a company that doesn’t specialize in that style. I like how they incorporated the large, furry monsters from the runway show (they worked as pillars) into the campaign, and I like that they made these monsters very friendly and awkwardly cute to create a very genuine, young tone to the entire campaign that enhances the collection. Photos 1 and 2  are my personal favorites from this campaign, and I look forward to seeing what Mulberry is planning for Spring.

What do you think of Mulberry’s advertisement campaign? And what do you think of their collection? If there are any other fashion campaigns that you want Trend to discuss, then please comment.



2 thoughts on “Runway Review: Mulberry Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Advertisement Campaign

    • No problem, and thank you for commenting. I have gradually been liking Mulberry, but I agree that these ads are amazing. These images somehow just bring out the kid in people 🙂
      Please feel free to comment whenever you like, I appreciate all comments and/or opinions.

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