Modish Men: Q from Skyfall (Trailer)

We have to wait until November 9th for the next James Bond film, Skyfall, but Sony has released the first full-length trailer, rather than just teaser trailers, late last week. As someone who is not a huge James Bond fan, all I have to say is this: I HAVE TO SEE THIS FILM! This film looks fantastic from the visuals, locations, acting, and direction that they are taking this iconic character. Like I said, I am not a big James Bond fan (I have seen the films either because they are classics or my friends watched it), but I love the character Q, who develops all of 007’s gadgets and weapons. One could argue that Bond would not be Bond without Q. For this interpretation of the film, Q is given a modern, more chic style thanks to Ben Whishaw, who is the youngest actor to play Q (he is 31 years old). This version of Q wears a lot of preppy, but slightly disheveled clothes– such as the button-down Oxford shirt with a tie, but with a young, collegiate sweater. As well, the way they styled Q in regards to his hair and glasses is perfect– it is that tentative balance between young and slightly hipster, and professional (after all, he is a weaponry genius). Frankly, I really like this interpretation and the modern way in which they have adapted Q. I much prefer the notion of a young Q with an aging Bond, than the Bruce and Alfred relationship of an old Q and aging Bond.

What do you think of the new Q? And what do you think of Skyfall so far?



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