Runway Review: Kate Spade Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Kate Spade is a fashion company known for its whimsically preppy style– unique prints, bold colors, and interesting graphic designs. I love my Kate Spade purse with the large leather bow on the front, as well as somye of the dresses I have from them that I have worn for special occasions. The latest collection was inspired by 1960s silhouettes and bold prints, featuring such iconic images as the “family station wagon” and the question mark. I love the black-and-white polka-dot printed jacket (see photo 3) and the red dress (see photo 4) for their simple designs and vintage-inspired silhouettes, but with modern detailing. But what I love more than anything else in the collection is the phrase– there is one for every season, such as Spring’s phrase was “Play Hookie”– which is “Pardon My French” (see photo 1). I absolutely adore Kate Spade for challenging the conventionality of fashion and maintaining their original style aesthetics through the years and collections. So, my final statement is: Pardonnez mon francais.

What do you think of the new collection from Kate Spade? Do you have a favorite look from the collection? And are there any specific runways/collections that you would like Trend to discuss?



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