Project Runway Review: Season 10, Episode 3

It has finally happened! Heidi Klum did not lie to us! The world is finally back in order (you have permission to breathe again). Well, for the third challenge of Project Runway, the designers were teamed up (which can be a challenge in itself) and given the task of creating a dress for the Emmy’s (PR has four nominations this year, after all) for a former contestant on the show. And, because product placement runs the universe, the designers had to use the color of their assigned Lexus car as the color palette for their design. So, when the designers had to not only work with each other and their “clients” (the former, critical, and judgemental contestants of the show), needless to say, drama ensued. The bottom designers were Andrea and Christopher (who dressed Anya) along with Raul and Alicia (who dressed Mila). While I did not hate (nor did I remotely like it either) the dress that Andrea and Christopher made, I felt that both designers messed up– Andrea did not cut the skirt right nor make the collar correctly, but Christopher did not stop her and mostly complained. In the end, it was Raul (see photo 3) who was eliminated because the dress was not only poorly executed, but just plain bad in general (the dress is in photo 4). The top designers were Gunnar and Kooan (who dressed Irina) along with Fabio and Ven (who dressed Kenley)– both teams showed beautiful dresses for two of the most demanding designers on the show (but I love Kenley more than any other female designer in the history of the show). I absolutely loved Ven and Fabio’s dress for the couture details and the retro silhouette that perfectly combined all three designers’ style aesthetics (I want that dress to be honest). I also really liked the white dress from Gunnar and Kooan, but I felt the fabric was too shear and some of the seaming was not correctly done– as well, that particular silhouette has been very popular on the Red Carpet in the past few years, so, while it was dramatic, I felt it was expected. In the end, Ven (see photo 1) won for the second time (the dress is in photo 2). Finally, in the last two minutes of the episode it revealed that a designer left the show in the middle of the night. Who was that designer? Andrea (see photo 5). Perhaps it was because she was in the bottom and Christopher wasn’t the nicest person when they had to defend their dress (as much as I love Christopher, I can’t deny that he did “throw her under the bus”). But, still, if you have been in the fashion industry for years and managed to get onto the show, you should be determined enough to stick through the low-points of the show and the attitudes of other designers, and TO NOT LEAVE LIKE A COWARD!

What did you think of the challenge and the episode? Do you have a favorite dress and/or designer for this season? And what do you think of Andrea leaving the show?



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