Runway Review: Red Valentino Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Red Valentino, which is Valentino’s version of the McQ line (there is a previous post about this company), is well known to be marketed towards younger women, and accordingly has a cheaper price tag (like, spend only one hundred and fifty for shoes rather than eight hundred when on sale). For the Fall/Winter season, the company revealed a collection of whimsical, imaginative dresses and coats that are similar to the styling aesthetics of Kate Spade, Alice & Olivia, and their parent company, Valentino. While the collection relies heavily on neutrals (mostly black, white, and nude), it keeps interest in the little details on each of the looks (ruffles, lace embroidery, large buttons, etc). Continuing, the collection has a lot of high hemlines with a contrasting high neckline, and this balances the looks by making them youthful (the hemlines) but practical (the necklines). I do like the collection, but I feel underwhelmed by it due to its similarity to the Fall/Winter collections of Kate Spade and Alice & Olivia, who had similar silhouettes and detailing, but had bold colors mixed with the neutrals and playful prints that kept me interested. Is the Red Valentino collection bad? By no means– it is very good, but it feels a bit expected and predictable. Personally, I will be dropping my money at Kate Spade and/or Alice & Olivia before Red Valentino.

What do you think of the new collection by Red Valentino? Are you impressed and like it, or are you like me and okay with it but disappointed?



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