I am a huge Coldplay fan, and have been for many years (I even saw them in concert about two years ago). While there were many songs of theirs I debated on using for August (“Til Kingdom Come” was a close contender for a while), I decided on their collaboration with Rihanna, “Princess of China”, because of its beautifully written lyrics and loud, elaborate tune to end the Summer season. This song has slowly been gaining momentum since its premiere in January, what with both musicians performing the song at the Grammy’s and Oscar de la Renta using the song for his Pre-Fall runway. The song has a beautiful melody and is different than typical, acoustic Coldplay, which might be why this song has split the audience in regards of either loving it or hating it. While there are other songs from them that I prefer more (“Viva La Vida”, “Death and All His Friends”, and “Til Kingdom Come” come first to mind for me), I still like “Princess of China” for the brilliant lyrics and the balance of Rihanna and Chris Martin’s voices.

What do you think of the song? What is your opinion of Coldplay in general? And do you have a recommendation for September’s song?


Song of the Month: August

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