Fall Trend #5: Pale Skin

In a society where women are told that the more tan they are, the better they appear, it can be difficult to be naturally fair skinned (like me). Well, now the fashion world has embraced fair skinned women and made their alabaster complexions the must-have make-up for the upcoming season– and this is thanks to two of the most popular actresses that are fair skinned, Emma Stone (see photo 1) and Rooney Mara (see photo 2). As someone who has the ever-so warm complexion of white paper, I was thrilled that the fashion industry was embracing women’s natural skin tone. Not only does this make it easier and alleviate the peer pressure amongst women to be tan, but this may also be the beginning of decreasing skin cancer. With pale skin becoming mainstream, it will discourage many women from going to the tanning salon or using a tanning bed, which can then show young women and girls that there is nothing wrong with their natural complexion and that they should embrace it.

What do you think of this new image of fair skinned women in fashion? And do you think this is a positive change, or do you prefer the tanned look?



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