Chic Geek: Superhero Plushy Pillows

For this post, Trend is combining “Decorate My Dorm Room” and “Chic Geek” in order to properly explain these items. As a grown adult, it can be difficult to express your affection for a superhero/comic book character without making your space look juvenile or silly. Rather than posters, stacks of comic books, and/or “action figures” (everyone knows that they are dolls), why not show your passion through one plushy pillow? Since the plethora of superhero movies premiering as of late, there has been a huge surplus in the products themed around these characters– but, to me, these are the best. These plushy heroes are not large, but their adorable appearance makes people take notice. The pillows come in the shapes of Captain America (see photo 1), Batman (see photo 2), and Spiderman (see photo 3; I own one of these) and are sold at Hot Topic and Target (solely Spidey at Target, though). These pillows are both adorable and effectively express your passion without stripping away your maturity and/or respect.

What do you think of these pillows? Do you have a favorite and/or do you think they should make more versions (please comment on which superheroes and/or villians they should make next)?



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