Project Runway Review: Season 10, Episode 2

Well, thus far, no one has had the mental breakdown nor left the show in the middle of the night (Heidi Klum promised that it would happen). But, anyway, this episode had some unique looks and an interesting challenge. The challenge for this episode was the quintessential “unconventional challenge”, which requires the designers to make clothes out of materials that are not fabric– this time, the materials were candy. The bottom three designers were Buffi, Lantie, and Elena. Buffi had too many colors and the styling was poorly done; Elena’s literally fell apart as it walked down the runway and was extremely boxy; and Lantie’s dress didn’t follow the rules of the challenge because she made her dress out of an umbrella with candy on the bottom of the dress (in the shape of girly, juvenile flowers as well). In the end Lantie (see photo 3) and her dress (see photo 4) were let go– while I really hated Lantie’s look, I felt that Andrea’s dress (see photo 5) was too expected and the back was horrifying (the front looked like an apron, and the back looked like a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb), and if she was not eliminated, should have atleast been in the bottom three. The top three designers were Ven, Sonjia, and Gunnar. Ven created a cocktail dress that was a swirl of pastel candies; Sonjia had a turquoise dress made of a huge variety of candies and a beautiful necklace made of gummy sharks; and Gunnar created a lovely dress out of woven licorice and a peplum made from crushed chocolates. Ven (see photo 1) won the challenge (his dress is in photo 2)– while I truly liked all of the looks that were in the top three, I felt Christopher had the best dress (see photo 6) and was styled the best.

What do you think of the clothes and challenge from this episode? Do you have a favorite look and/or hated a look?



3 thoughts on “Project Runway Review: Season 10, Episode 2

  1. I was torn between the teal dress with the shark bib and ven’s dress as the best. I was hoping they would off more than one person this week. Oh well. And gunner better change his attitude, his eye rolls and snarky comments are so not classy. No one is gonna hire him acting like that. I love ven, he’s so confident and calm and flawless with his work. Thank you for posting!

    • No problem and thank you for commenting. I agree that more people than Lantie should have been eliminated in this episode. I also really liked Ven’s dress– I tend to gravitate more towards Christopher’s style, but I admire Ven for his couture-like designs. Furthermore, Gunnar needs to calm down the attitude– it is okay to be cynical and sarcastic, but not give out attitude and condescend everyone around you. Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to comment whenever you want.

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