Modish Men: Peter Parker of The Amazing Spiderman

In the most recent adaptation of Peter Parker/Spiderman, the classically nerdy character got a major upgrade. Instead of being the classic, stereotypical nerd, the current Peter Parker is more of an outcast and shy, but smart teenager (I connected a lot more with this Peter than the previous interpretations). Peter wears a lot of dark skinny jeans, dark t-shirts in vintage prints (I cheered over the Ramones shirt in photo 4), hoodies, and a basic jacket. Peter doesn’t have a sense of vanity about himself, and thus looks casual and somewhat dishevelled. While I typically prefer men in suits and modern/edgy prep (like Andrew Garfield’s style), I did like Peter’s style. While he had larger shirts and a large jacket, he emphasised his lanky frame through the skinny jeans. I also enjoyed the artistically vintage style he had, such as in his shirts and glasses. If you want to emulate Peter’s style, then be comfortable with the notion of wearing skinny jeans and dark colors. Peter emphasised his lanky frame through tight pants and follow that aesthetic if you have the same body type– if you are rounder in your bottom half, then avoid skinny jeans and instead go for a straight cut to elongate you. Simply emphasise the leanest part of your body and dress in a vintage, slightly “hipster” style. Stores that have Peter’s style include Journeys, Vans, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, and American Eagle.

What do you think of Peter Parker’s style? And what do you think of this interpretation of Peter/Spiderman inΒ The Amazing Spiderman?



8 thoughts on “Modish Men: Peter Parker of The Amazing Spiderman

  1. Awesome article thanks!! I wanted to know his style an how I could get it an you helped a ton especially with the American Eagle part thanks a Lott!!!

    • No problem, and I am glad that I could help. Thank you for commenting and for visiting my blog. If you need any other help with anything, just email me (my email is on the “About” page) or leave a comment, and I will do my best.
      Thanks and feel free to comment and/or visit any time you want. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks again! I was wondering if you knew any other stores that have Peter’s style? An which stores do you feel have the most similar to Peter’s style of all? Do you think American Eagle is a lot like his style? I liked this version of Peter cuz he was like a hipster nerd!

      • I am happy to help. Honesly, Peter’s style is a mix of all of these stores. The vintage t-shirts are easy to find at Hot Topic (I got my older brother a Ramone’s t-shirt there a few months ago), but the jeans you will have to try at different places– it depends on your body proportions, honestly. American Eagle has some vintage shirts, but they should have a good, simple jacket you can wear with hoodies and can make it through the Autumn months. In regards to the glasses, you can find a pair of non-perscription ones at Urban Outfitters, but if you actually wear perscription glasses, then look for eyewear from Ray Ban’s. His shoes are Nike, and can be found fairly easily– but if you want to be extra “hipster” then go for Converse sneakers (you just can’t run in them comfortably).
        As much as I wish I could tell you that there is one store that sells Peter’s style more than any other, I have to be honest and say that his style is a mix of all of the stores. American Eagle should have the jeans and jacket, but I doubt the vintage shirts, glasses, and sneakers. The shirts should be fairly easy to find at Urban Outfitters (look for the glasses there as well) or Hot Topic . And the sneakers are definitely Nike, so places like Footlocker should have those.
        I hope this helps and thanks for commenting. Please contact me if you have anymore questions.

  2. You helped a lot trust me!! Thanks for everything loved the article! An I loved the information in the answers you give me! Thanks for everything!:)

  3. No problem, and I am happy to help. Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog.
    If you need anymore help with anything, or if you want me to do an article on a specific style, just contact me. πŸ™‚

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