What to Wear for the Opening of the Olympics

Tonight, the world will be watching the opening ceremony for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. So, how does one celebrate the British Olympics without wearing a track suit? Easy, just be inspired by British fashion. Thus, wear simple, classic pieces with bold jewelry, shoes, clutches, and fascinator. Yes, the wonderfully strange, yet chic fascinator. This recent icon of British fashion (mostly thanks to the recent Royal Wedding) is the combination of a hair band and hat– it is a flower, feathers, and/or a hat-like structure that is pinned into your hair. They can be relatively simple (like the ones in the photos below) or strangely unique (like the ones worn by Eugenia and Beatrice at the Royal Wedding). I have one that is a large black flower with birdcage netting that goes over part of my face (I will wear it on the anniversary of the Royal Wedding and I will be wearing it today with a black and white cocktail dress) that I bought in a small boutique. There is no correct way to dress for this event (it occurs every four years, after all), but to just emulate simple, serious clothes with fun, whimsical accessories.

What do you think of my suggestions? Are you going to watch the Opening Ceremony tonight and/or celebrate the Olympics?



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