Republic vs Russia: Anna Karenina and Banana Republic

How do you make people excited about seeing a film based on the second longest novel in Russian literature about a woman cheating on her husband with a Calvary officer? Have the costume designer collaborate with Banana Republic, of course. Jacqueline Durran, the costume designer for Anna Karenina, has created a modern, chic collection to be sold in Banana Republic stores in late October (which is perfect since the film premieres on November 9th). Duran described the collection to Entertainment Weekly as follows: “You take [faux] fur, jewels, lace, textures, a bit of color…and reapply them.” Is it truly that easy to emulate 19th century Russian fashion? (Apparently)

I like the overall collection, and may even purchase a couple of pieces– preferably the dark, pleated dress and faux fur hat in photo one. I do not like the fur-lined jean jacket– it just seems incredibly out of place– nor some of the leopard printed accessories. But the collection is well done and executed, it evokes both classical chic and modern sophistication. This collection could be worn on several types of women and would look chic on most of Banana Republic’s customers– from the young college student going for her first internship to the mother with her own successful career. I truly believe that this collaboration has resulted in one of the best collections from Banana Republic in years.

What do you think of this collaboration? And do you think clothes inspired by Anna Karenina can be worn successfully in the modern world of fashion?



2 thoughts on “Republic vs Russia: Anna Karenina and Banana Republic

    • Yes, I read Anna Karenina last Winter. I read it to write an analysis on the ways different cultures view the “adulterous woman”– I analyzed The Awakening (by Kate Chopin) and Madame Bovary (by Gustave Flaubert) along with Anna Karenina.
      Thank you for commenting and for visiting my blog. 🙂

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