Carson Kressley for 2012

Carson Kressley for 2012

Season 15 of Dancing with The Stars starts on September 24th on ABC. This season will have an “all stars” cast, which is essentially some of the best and/or controversial contestants from the previous 14 seasons. The cast includes Emmett Smith, Pamela Anderson, Apolo Ohno, and Bristol Palin (why ABC must you force me to watch her horribly dance fot another season!?!). The first twelve contestants have been announced, but the thirteenth contestant will be decided by viewers’ votes. People can vote for Kyle or Sabrina– but they should vote for Carson Kressley. I love Carson Kressley, who is known as a stylist, fashion designer, and member of the show Queer Eye for The Straight Guy, for his humor, great attitude, and fantastic personality. People need to vote for Carson because he is a true entertainer– he is charismatic and pays attention to the audience. Is he the best dancer to be on the show? No. But is he one of the best entertainers and most fun to watch on the show? Most definitely yes.

I have left a link for you to go vote for Carson on What do you think of the “all star” cast for Dancing with The Stars’ 15th season? And who are you going to vote for to be the last contestant?


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