Decorate My Dorm Room: Sweet/Feminine Designs

In a previous post, Trend explored the concept of feminine designs with that tough masculine edge– today, we explore the sweetness, cuteness, and honesty that is the ultra feminine style. Whether you want pink walls, floral bedspreads, and/or bows on each of your pillows, this post is here to inspire you. While some people find feminine style, whether in fashion or interior design, to be a sign of fragility and inferiority, I find it to be incredibly honest and self-respecting. It can be difficult for modern, independent women to show their love for flowers and whimsical pieces (when women have to compete with men on many levels, no one wants to look inferior, to be frank), but those women that love this style and are unapologetic about it are just as strong and independent as the women who are tomboyish. The best way to create this style for your dorm room or apartment is to have a feminine bedspread– such as flowers, bows, vintage prints, and/or a traditionally feminine color– with clean and sleek accessories that prevent the space from looking juvenile or outdated. Continuing, just because you love your femininity doesn’t mean you have the excuse to have any ridiculous patterns or designs in your room– so no rainbows, unicorns, Hello Kitty, or My Little Pony. Don’t let anyone forget you are a grown woman, not a child. Below I have included examples of an adult feminine style to inspire you for your own room.

What do you think of this style? Do you like this style and are trying to emulate it? And, are there any other styles that you would like Trend to highlight on?



2 thoughts on “Decorate My Dorm Room: Sweet/Feminine Designs

    • Thank you for commenting and for checking out my blog. I agree that the green dress form is very cool, especially with the wheels on the bottom (easy movement).

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