Modish Men: Bruce Wayne of The Dark Knight Trilogy

As a man who spends his daylight hours selling the newest weapons to the government and researching crime, and his nighttime hours wearing a bat costume that resembles hockey equipment and talking in a ridiculous voice, Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale) is a man of many faces and by far too much time and money on his hands. I am still curious as to how no one in Gotham, a city riddled with crime and poverty, has figured out that the richest man there is the same guy in the bulletproof bat costume with a holographic mountain. Anyway, my favorite side to Wayne is the man he is when he is in public and not fighting crime– the intelligent, womanizing philanthropist. Wayne, unlike many cinematic characters, expresses a lot through his clothing– he is showing the audience which face of Bruce Wayne is being shown (the narcissistic philanthropist, the vulnerable ophaned man, or Batman). Bruce Wayne the narcissistic philanthropist wears suits, typically pinstriped ones (most are by Giorgio Armani; see photos 1 and 2); the vulnerable orphan side wears an old robe, simple trousers, and basic gray or black t-shirts (see photo 3); and the Dark Knight side, of course, wears the Batman costume, but before the costume he wears dark jeans or trousers with a black t-shirt (see photo 4). Bruce Wayne understands what an image/symbol is– it defines the person, their message, and their reputation to the world– and expertly uses it through his fashion choices. I personally love the suits, and even the casual dark shirt and well cut pants, and I feel more men should be proud to wear a suit and tie or clothes that fit them properly– it highlights a man’s best features and creates an air of confidence that attract people to him, or atleast envy him. While most modern gentlemen cannot afford a custom suit from Giorgio Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, and/or Tom Ford, you can still go get a nice suit at most department stores and/or Men’s Warehouse and have it altered by your local tailor, or you can wait until Joseph A. Banks or Brooks Brothers have a sale (or even look in their outlet stores).

What do you think of Bruce Wayne’s style? Are you a guy and like or dislike dressing in a suit? Or are you a girl and prefer or dislike men in suits? And what do you think of Bale’s performance inย The Dark Knight Rises?



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