Fashionable Females: Gwen Stacy of The Amazing Spiderman

With a Summer of superhero films and fiercely independent females, Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone) in The Amazing Spiderman stands proudly amongst the best of them. While Gwen, unlike Selina Kyle or Black Widow, is not trained in the use of firearms or can flip out a window in stilettos, she is incredibly intelligent and is able to hold her own with her boyfriend Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield), and his alter ego Spiderman. Gwen wears a lot of miniskirts and one particular pair of thigh high boots (I have a slight vendetta against those ugly things) throughout the film, but her overall style is a mixture of schoolgirl nerd and classic prep. She wears tight sweater vests (another one of my less-than-fond looks from her), skinny jeans, trench coats, and romantic dresses. My favorite outfits from the film are all in the second half– they include her black trench with the houndstooth scarf, the white lacy dress and striped gray hoodie, and the striped gray sweater and beret. But my favorite outfit from Gwen was the one from the very end (see photo 4), which is a navy blue and black polka-dot dress with a navy blue cardigan– I would honestly wear that outfit (minus those evil boots) in a heartbeat (plus I appreciated the large copies of Les Miserables on everyone’s desks in the final scene– perhaps a hint for the next film?).  If you want to emulate Gwen’s style, then dress with classic prep, but nerdy chic thrown in. Such as, plaid skirts, argyle sweaters, trench coats, and/or Oxford heels. Stores that have Gwen’s style include United Colors of Benetton, J Crew, Burberry, The Loft, and Urban Outfitters. It is best to mix cheaper pieces with more expensive pieces in order to make this look dynamic and interesting.

What do you think of Gwen’s style? What do you think of her role in The Amazing Spiderman and Stone’s performance? And what do you think of the film in general?



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