Decorate My Dorm Room: Masculine Designs

While most of my readers are women, I don’t want to eliminate any men who may visit the site or are introduced to the site by their girlfriends– so I am going to highlight on interior design for boys. The best style for boys is to stick to basics in your bedspread and rug, but reveal your interests and personality through the accessories (such as your lamp, pillows, trash can, and posters). The best way to do this is to find either a solid, darker color (blacks, blues, browns, greens, and grays) or a traditional pattern (plaid and argyle are probably the best options) for your bedspread, which is the “core” or focus of your space. From there, mix more interesting colors and/or prints in your other items to bring interest to the room. Such as, if you have a navy blue, green, and gray plaid bedspread, then have your accent pillows in navy blue and green with your large pillow and rug in gray. Furthermore, if you have a solid bedspread, then mix a pattern or bold print into the pillows– such as, if you have a plain black bedspread, have a black and white argyle accent pillow with another pillow that has a design on it (whether a skull, headphones, a record, or whatever you want on it). As well, feel free to express your interests through other accessories in your room. For example, if you like classic, vintage designs then invest in a small tiffany lamp for your desk, but if you like sleek, modern designs then purchase a pulley lamp (it is the lamp that is in the Pixar logo). The only precaution I have is to be cautious with the amount of colors and visual pieces you have in your space. So, just because you have a solid, neutral bedspread and carpet doesn’t mean you can mix ten bright colors with that neutral– your color scheme should be limited to three colors. As well, don’t have more than two large items on your walls, whether posters and/or flags– anything more than two will make your already small space seem even smaller. I hope these tips and the photos below provide all you gentlemen with some inspiration that will leave a good impression.

What do you think of these designs? Are you a boy and have any additional tips on achieving an effective style in a dorm? Are you a girl and have any recommendations based on your boyfriend and/or family members?



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