Decorate My Dorm Room: Tomboyish/Androgynous Designs

Let’s say you are a girl, but you hate the notion of decorating your room in bright colors, flowers, and/or feminine details. How are you suppose to decorate your dorm room in a way that is tough and somewhat masculine, but doesn’t obliterate all signs that you are a girl? Well, I decided to explore that concept and take my best shot at answering that question. While my dorm room is by no means Barbie’s pink palace or anything like that (it is mostly black and white, to be honest), but it still has feminine detailing (flowers, polka-dots, etc.). What I think is the right technique to the tomboy/androgynous style is to completely balance the masculine and femine elements in your space. Such as, have a dark, plaid bedspread, but a bright accent pillow in your favorite color. Or, a plain bedspread and pillows, but a floral rug or trash bin. What I am saying is to have a tough, edgy core to the space but accent it with soft, girlish details that assert your femininity. Below I have included examples of this tomboyish/androgynous style that may supply some inspiration for some of you.

What do you think of this style? Do you have this style and have any tips on stores and/or how to effectively achieve this style?



2 thoughts on “Decorate My Dorm Room: Tomboyish/Androgynous Designs

    • Thank you for commenting and reading my blog. As well, I will be doing a post either today or tomorrow on designs for boy dorm rooms, which may also supply him with some more inspiration.

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