Revel Resorts Review: Future Plans

Well, Trend has been reviewing the Revel Resorts in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for over a month, and we will finish this series by discussing the Revel’s future plans. I spoke to a security guard one night when I was in the Sky Garden (which was discussed in a previous post) and he informed me of all the future plans for the Revel. When I was there, the Revel was finishing its construction on their nightclub, HQ, which has four floors (each plays a different genre of music), a yacht deck, and a library (weird in a nightclub, right?). The Revel plans on building another tower (sketches are in photo 2) of rooms, a deck extending out into the water, a huge pool on the beach itself, an outdoor shopping mall, and more stores in the Revel (so far it is only Hugo Boss and Denim Habit). The Revel has already spent $2.4 billion to create what they currently have, so what is another $2 billion more?

What do you think of the Revel so far and of their future plans? Have you stayed, plan on staying, or want to stay at the Revel Resorts in Atlantic City, New Jersey?



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