Project Runway Review: Season 10, Episode 1

Well, Project Runway has officially kicked off its tenth season and tenth anniversary. The show introduced sixteen new designers, many from other countries, and with many different styles– ranging from couture sewing (someone made a shirt look like a blooming bud) to Japanese pattern mixing (there was a romper with a minimum of four prints and six colors). The challenge was to create two looks– one at home and another in the workroom at Parsons New School for Design in New York City, New York– and show both on a runway in Times Square in front of Runway fans and the press. Once the runway was over, the contestants returned to Parsons and were judged on their products. The bottom three designers were Kooan (the Japanese-inspired looks with eccentric mixed prints), Lantie (who had designs based on vintage dresses– they were basically copied), and Beatrice (who had a knit cape and boring looks). The top three designers were Christopher (who had intricately designed dresses that floated in the wind of the city), Melissa (who had cool, edgy dresses that were a mix of jersey and leather), and Ven (the one that had the rose tailored top). In the end, Christopher (see photo 2) won the first competition (his designs are photo 1); meanwhile, Beatrice (see photo 4) was kicked off the show (her designs are photo 3). While I did not like Beatrice’s designs, I felt that Lantie should have been kicked off because her designs were bad, poorly executed, and her focal look was not even original. So, I found it irritating when Beatrice was let go instead. It is one thing to have a bad original design; it is another thing to have a bad copied design. Furthermore, while the public was told the first episode would have a breakdown and someone leave in the middle of the night, and this did not happen, it will most likely occur within the first half-hour of the next episode in order to bring in more viewers. I think it is Lantie that leaves in the middle of the night and it is Kooan that has the breakdown, but we will have to stay tuned until next Thursday to find out.

What do you think of the new season of Project Runway? What do you think of Christopher winning and Beatrice leaving? And who do you think will have the breakdown and who will leave in the night?



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